Startup Workshop “From intuition to prototype”

You are welcome to join the workshop “From intuition to prototype” where you will create your prototype. We will learn and apply the Lean Startup Method by Eric Ries which is used by many Startups from California.

In 5 hours you will learn:

1. How to start your own company
2. How to measure it
3. How to make it grow
4. Sell your product/service
5. Create your perfect team

Taking part in this event can be your moment to give your idea a shape, create a sustainable business and set yourself independent from your boss!

The course is for a 8 to 16 people.

Who’s giving the course: Vincenzo Rusciano
Born in 1980 in Naples, Italy he has always been traveling since his father was working in Italian Railway and he spent the first months of his life on trains going up and down throughout Italy.

He lived abroad for 13 years, traveled to 65 countries, worked in 6 countries and studied in 3 ( the last title is MBA). He worked in big companies such as Dell or Citi or small ones like his own startup (sold and now closed :( ) called

He has been a speaker at TEDx, diving instructor, Ukulele player and he speaks 5 languages (I make mistakes in all them :))

He travels with his coffee machine that helped him to collect money for a Spanish NGO, he worked as a volunteer in a refugee camp in Greece in 2016 and he’s a volunteer of Greenpeace.

Olaf Mesman is my great friend and travel fellow and he will be co-assisting the course


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