Art of Participatory Leadership Training 2017

How do we create sustainable work whilst being in constant change, chaos, and complexity?

We invite you to join us to learn and practice the Art of Participatory Leadership. This practice focuses on creating the conditions for meaningful conversations between diverse actors & sectors, even with conflicting perspectives. By bringing together a variety of participants from all backgrounds, ages and nationalities, the training creates a space for authentic connections that fosters the capacity to transform, inspire, and empower. During the three days you will experience practices of dialogue, to support you in discovering skills and accessing the courage to traverse complexity and confusion. Participatory Leadership is a practice of collaboration and leading that invites the diversity among us to uncover new solutions. This training will allow you to explore with others a new perspective on how co-operation, collaboration, complexity and conflict can create generative results. The training works on two levels simultaneously, the personal and the collective, and explores ways of how one helps the other to grow.

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This 3-day experiential training is the 6th one held in Athens. It is an entry-level training into the Art of Participative Leadership (AoPL) designed by experienced trainers who are working with participation worldwide. You will experience models, methods, and process design techniques that will support you to explore working with collaboration strategically so that diverse or even conflicting perspectives can create a new future. On a personal level, you will experience a sense of belonging to a community where you can share similar fears, anxieties, hopes and ideas. You will be introduced to a global network of people actively involved in creating new systems of living and working.

The training will support your learning by teaching the underpinning theory of participatory leadership, give real time experience through using the dialogue methods and coaching those who are ready to begin hosting during the training. Participants will be in the practice of hosting whilst learning about it. The training will be held in English with Greek translation (if required).

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