Exhibition runs March 2- March 16th, 2017
Opening Reception Friday March 3rd 7-10pm

83 Leonard St
NYC, NY 10013

A Mixed Media International Group Exhibition featuring works by International artists in over 30 countries, including

Frans Smit (Africa), Vasily Grino (Belarus), Charlotte Hamson (Canada), Otro Captore and Cromomaniacio (Chile), Juan Travieso (Cuba), Jay Ole (Denmark), Maurice Marty (France), Alex Diamond (Germany), Cacao Rocks (Greece), Tyler (India), Icy & Sot (Iran), Repas (Kazakhstan), Chervi(Kirgystan),
Ashekman (Lebanon), Tlisza Jaurique (Mexico), Alona Ojog (Moldova), Olek (Poland), Sen2 (Puerto Rico), Sergey Mironenko (Russia), Marcos Martinez (Spain), Mikael Takacs (Sweden), Amr Fahed (Syria), Richie Culver (UK), Roman Gronav (Ukraine), Vicky Barranguet (Uruguay), Zofia Bogusz (USA), Michael Mararian (USA), Alison Mosshart (USA), William Quigley and Ben Moon (USA), Marcus Zilliox (USA), Beatriz Ramos (Venezuela), Mazher Nizar (Yemen)

Presented by: Curator19.90 & Melissa McCaig- Welles

Curated by Vika Latysheva (Russia) Melissa McCaig- Welles (USA) and Charlotte Hamson (Canada)


NEW YORK, NY — Curators Victoria Latysheva, Charlotte Hamson and Melissa McCaig-Welles present TRUMPOMANIA, an international exhibition surrounding the topic of Donald Trump and the recent Republican administration in the US. The exhibition will open with a reception on Friday March 3rd corresponding with the opening of The NY Armory Show and Armory Arts Week, to a worldwide audience.

TRUMPOMANIA will feature one artist from over thirty countries, each exhibiting one work illustrating their interpretation of the election of Donald Trump and the recently appointed Republican administration in The US. The exhibition will create a dialogue about what this presidency means to artists around the world and their viewpoint on how this will affect the future of all nations.